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Dongguan City Leader Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd

Dongguan City Leader Manufacturing Technology Co., ltd is located in Dongguan, China. With more than 10 years of developments, we have become a professional prototype maker engaged in low-volume and high-volume production of the high-end prototype. We provide prototype services for CNC machining, sheet metal parts and rapid model etc., At present, we have dozens of high-precision equipment (five-axis, four-axis, three-axis) in the workshop and various types of testing equipment to ensure the quality. Leader's aims to become a first-class rapid manufacturing enterprise in China.

The founder of leader Mr. Zhang, is an entrepreneur who attaches great importance to talent training. He has trained many outstanding engineers and managers. leader has invested and started business for them, thus forming a subsidiary company of leader. So we have another prototype manufacturer. We are a partner who can provide customers with a full range of services, whether we are processing CNC parts, sheet metal parts or injection molds, we can provide clients with a full range of services.

Become the world's best non-standard customized service provider.


Quality Control

Leaders always put quality first. In order to meet the requirements and expectations of customers, we use advanced measuring equipment, under an advanced and complete quality control system, and scientific quality control methods to manage the quality of molds and products.

Business Scope

CNC machining, sheet metal, vacuum casting, 3D printing, injection molding, die casting.

Professional Service

Leader has become a professional full-service manufacturing company, providing manufacturing and coating services to global customers, serving every industry, including aerospace, medical, automotive, etc. We are committed to becoming the world's best non-standard customized service provider.